How to Share a Presentation from My Mediasite

* If your recording is associated with a course or a departmental Mediasite catalog, sharing a link directly from your personal profile will make it so the content is not archived/housed with that related content. If you'd like to have your recordings accessible in a centralized area that is archived/housed with related content, please contact your Mediasite Scheduler

  1. Navigate to the My Mediasite portal:
  2. Locate the recording you would like to share in the "My Drafts" area (which takes you to all your presentations), or via the search button. Click on the name of the recording.

  1. Toward the bottom right-hand corner of the page, drag the bar under "Who Can View?" to adjust viewing permissions if necessary. Any content you share will not be accessible unless you provide the unique link for viewing.
    • Everyone: Anyone with access to the link can view the presentation.
    • My Organization: Only those with a WesternU email address who have access to the link will be able to view. This is the default setting for all presentations.
    • Only Shared Users: Do not select, this functionality is not yet available.
    • Only Me: No one (except for you) can view the presentation, regardless of their access to the link.

  1. Toward the bottom right-hand of the page, click "Share Presentation". Users normally gain access to the presentation in one of two ways:

  1. Copy the quicklink and send to viewer

  1. Navigate to the "Embed" tab, copy the embed code and post it to the site you'd like it to appear on. Any viewability permissions you set will be reflected even if the video is embedded.




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