Mac Self Service


What is Mac Self Service?

  • Self Service on Mac is an internal application installed on all WesternU managed Apple computers. It contains Mac Software, updates and useful links. Administrative rights are not needed to install software listed in Self Service and IT assistance should not be required


1. To access Self Service, open Finder > Applications > Open "Self Service" (the icon should look like the WesternU seal). You can also hit Command + Space to bring up a search and type in "Self Service". The icon may also be located on your dock

2. Once you open Self Service, you should see various categories on the left hand side including "Software"

3. Simply click "Install" to install software. You may have more software listed than shown in the above image, Self Service hides software that is already installed on the Mac

4. The "WesternU Resources" tab contains various useful links to WesternU internal resources

Additional Information

  • Software updates are also pushed through Self Service. When IT publishes updates, software that is published in Self Service will receive updates. You can defer for up to 7 days, after 7 days the update will automatically install
  • Please note that all the software available in Self Service is free or site licensed software. If you need to purchase Mac software that is not available in Self Service, please open a ticket with IT Purchasing
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