How to Create, Add Content To and Share a Channel in My Mediasite

  1. Log into the My Mediasite portal with your WesternU credentials at
  2. On the left-hand toolbar, click on "Browse Channels". Then click the button for "Add Channel".
  3. Enter Channel information:
    • Channel Name (only required field for Channel creation)- This is the name that is listed at the top of the page when a viewer is accessing the page.
    • Friendly Name (not a required field)- This is the name that is listed at the end of the Channel link/URL. This text field has character and spacing limitations. An error will trigger when you attempt to include any spaces.
    • All other settings/fields are optional. Feel free to adjust settings according to your preference.
    • *Best practice- Always keep the setting for "Allow Login Controls" on this page enabled.
  4. The Channel has now been created. Default sharing permissions allow any individual with a WesternU email to view your Channel when provided the view link. If you require your channel to be more widely available to viewers outside of WesternU, please see this article on how to accomplish that security setting. To obtain your Channel share link, click the "View" button, copy the URL from the browser area and post for access/provide your link to viewers accordingly.

  1. To add content to your Channel from content already stored in your My Mediaste area, navigate to the "My Drafts" area on the left-hand menu (this is the catch-all area where all of your personally created/loaded content populates to) and click on the name of the presentation you would like to relocate to a Channel. If you do not already have your content loaded into Mediasite, feel free to reference this guide on how to do so.


  1. Once in the presentation view, click on "Move To" on the right-hand menu. A pop-up box will appear.

  1. From the pop-up box, select "Place this Presentation in a Channel" and search for or select the Channel you would like your content to be moved to. Once a selection has been made, click the button for "Move Presentation".

  1. When navigating back to your Channel, you should now see the selected presentation listed under the Channel and it viewable within the Channel link.



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