How to Enable Presentation Downloading in Mediasite

*This is a resource for staff who have access to the Mediasite management portal.

*There are different types of downloading you can make available:

  • Podcast- Audio-only mp3 file
  • Vodcast- Audio and all sources of video combined into one video mp4 file (most commonly selected)
  • Publish-to-go (when enacted, the resulting files are only available for download via the management portal)- Allows downloading of stand-alone content files (i.e. audio-only file, presenter camera-only file, computer content-only file)

*The default for a majority of recordings in Mediasite is for content to be downloadable. If this option was previously selected, please skip to Step 7 to access the download files.

  1. Navigate to the Mediasite management portal portal.
  2. Search for your presentation by navigating to the appropriate folder or search by title in the top right-hand-corner search bar. Click on the title of the recording that you would like to make downloadable.
  3. From the pop-up window, click the “Edit” tab

  1. Click on the “Delivery” sub-tab

  1. To enable different download types follow instructions below and press "Save" to kick off file creation in the system:
    • Podcast- Select box and the dropdown for “MP3 48 kbps”
    • Video Podcast (composite)- Select box and the dropdown for “Vodcast Project – All content”
    • Publish to Go- Select box

  1. The system will produce file(s)- wait times may vary with recording length/file size. To check the status of processing in the management portal, you can return to the "Delivery" sub-tab area and current status will be listed next to the file type.
  2. When files have completed, additional download selections will appear to you on the presentation listing
    • Podcast- Select "Download MP3"
    • Video Podcast (composite)- Select "Download Video Podcast"
    • Publish to Go- Select "Download"


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