Turn on Noise Suppression in Microsoft Teams


What is Noise Suppression in MS Teams?

  • Turning on Noise Suppression in Microsoft Teams will help eliminate background noise in your environment while your microphone is not muted
    • Package rustling, music, television sounds, and any background noise will be less noticeable with Noise Suppression turned on
  • This must be completed in the installed version of Teams.  You will not have access to your computer's devices through the online version of Teams
  • Be sure to periodically check for updates in Teams to ensure you have the most recent features by following this article

How to Turn On Noise Suppression

Access your settings in Teams

  • Open the installed version of Microsoft Teams
  • Click on your profile, then select "Settings"

  • In the Settings, select "Devices", then select the drop down menu for "Noise Suppression"

Setting Selection

  • Your current selection will be "Auto (Default)".  However, depending on your microphone, this may not be sufficient to eliminate background noise
  • Select "High" for maximum noise suppression.
    • This will use the most internet bandwidth of the options. If you regularly experience issues with Teams video/audio quality, or internet bandwidth issues, this is not the selection for you.
  • Select "Low" for better connection and "more" noise suppression than "Auto".  Meeting attendees may still hear some background music or television sound.
  • Select "Off" if you want your meeting attendees to hear any ambient noise in your environment.

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