External Content to Mediasite Curriculum Workflow


How to make external curriculum content (made outside of Mediasite) accessible to students in Mediasite.


*For this workflow to be completed, there needs to be at least one staff person trained in accessing the Mediasite management portal at your college/department. To request training and access for staff, please complete the following form.


  1. Presenters must first load their external content to their My Mediasite account:

How to Load External Recordings to My Mediasite


  1. After the presentation has loaded, presenters must copy their recording into a shared folder within Mediasite as per the instructions here:

How to Post Recordings to a Shared Folder in My Mediasite


  1. Staff with Mediasite Scheduler training/access, must complete the following steps to make it available for user viewing:

How to Make a Mediasite Desktop Recording Accessible for Viewing



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