Wireless Guest Access

WU-Guest Network

The WU-Guest WiFi network is intended for use by users visiting the WesternU campus. Users that have a WesternU account are expected to use the EDUROAM network when on campus. 

The network will require re-authentication if there is not internet activity detected on the client for a few hours. Users with a WesternU account may sign in here, but it is recommended that WesternU users connect to and use the EDURoam network. Instructions on using EDURoam can be found here. 

Some locations will still use the Legacy WU-Guest network (with an access code). Instructions on using this network can be found at the link below:

Wireless Guest Access (Legacy)


Select WU-GUEST from your list of available networks on your device, your web browser will then open the guest portal, here you will select Register for guest Internet access. (Non-WesternU) to continue.


Next you will create a username and provide your email, then finish by selecting Register.


After registering your guest information will be presented. Your Username and Password will remain valid for a 24 hr period. You must select 'Sign On' in order to complete your network connection and Accept to the use policy on the following page.


Reporting Issues

If you have already connected to the Legacy WU-Guest (with the access code) you may need to Forget and reconnect to the network before the new register screen will appear for you. 

If you experience any issues with the Wireless network on campus, please notify TechSupport at (909) 469-5432 or techsupport@westernu.edu. Please note, you may be required to visit the HEC TechSupport office with your device to perform troubleshooting before a resolution of of your issue. 


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