WesternU's IT Ecosystem

Reference - IT Ecosystem - What is it?

  • The IT Ecosystem is a single-source platform that houses WesternU’s technology related software, hardware, and applications and how each of these products interconnects in order to have a source of truth to provide transparency and efficiency to our IT customers.

IT Ecosystem - General Information

IT Ecosystem Goals

  • A single application for WesternU’s faculty and staff to visit with the intention of gaining a better understanding of our technology products and how they may or may not integrate
  • For our IT team to provide better communication and clarity regarding the technological products used throughout WesternU
  • Respond nimbly to customer requests
  • Leverage existing technology better
  • Consolidate our product licenses

List of IT Ecosystem Data Elements


  • Application Name
  • Type of Application
  • What College/Department Uses the Application
  • Production Link
  • Development Link
  • Who Manages the Application
  • The College/Department That Manages the Application
  • The Impact Group
  • Brief Description of the Application
  • Similar Products in Use


  • Application Integration
  • Are There Existing Integrations
  • How Does it Integrate
  • Lack of Integration
  • From Application
  • To Application
  • Occasion
  • Fields


  • Meta Data for Future Use
  • Data Classification
  • What Regulates the Data
  • Data Category


  • Hosted or On-premise
  • Application Used in Production
    • Stored and Maintained
    • Upgrade/Maintenance Schedule
    • Dependencies
    • Frequency of Use
  • Authentication Method
  • Public or Behind Firewall


  • SSL Certificate
  • Application License Expiration
  • Type of Purchase
  • Who Pays for the License

IT Ecosystem Look and Feel

  • Viewability Based on Security Role


Data-Driven Dashboards

Dashboard !

Dashboard 2

Multiple Application List Views

Application View 1

Application View 2

Application View 3

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