AV Support Guide on How to Use Audio Visual Equipment in VCC: Johnston

Veterinary Clinical Center: VCC Johnston (202) AV Classroom Support Guide

1. Present Source

The AV Touch Panel is located on the podium. This device controls all the audio-visual equipment in the classroom.

To turn on the AV Equipment, please tap on the screen of the touch panel and enter "309" for the passcode and select enter.

Please tap the touch panel again to start the boot up process of the AV System. This will start operating the screens for the projectors. The projectors screen will roll down from the ceiling and the projectors will power on and show the Main Monitor Screen from the PC.

Once the passcode has been entered, the Touch Panel will be in the Main Menu.

The main menu of the touch panel will be called "Presentation Screen". This screen will allow the user to change inputs sources. 

In VCC Johnston, the AV System has 7 different input sources. 

  • PC Main
  • PC Secondary
  • Lecture Laptop
  • Document Camera
  • Creston AirMedia
  • Presenter Camera
  • Audience Camera 

The end user can also select different input sources on each projector. Example: The system can display PC Main for the Left Projector and Creston AirMedia for the Right Projector.

2. Projector Control

Projector Control allow the use to remote operate and mange the projectors in the classroom. In this menu, the end user is able to Mute or Turn On/Off the Projectors. It also allows the user to Raise/Lower the projector screen.

3. Cameras

The "Cameras" Menu allows the end user to adjust Zoom, Focus, Tilt Speed and Pan Speed. You can also move the camera using the D-Pad shown on the display. It's moves Up, Down, Left and Right.

4. Lighting Controls

The lighting control menu allow the user to change the light mode. The AV System has 5 Different Lighting Modes.

  • All On
  • Present
  • Medium                                                                                           
  • Low
  • All Off

5. Volume 

Volume Control Menu allows the end user to control the volume levels in the classroom. It allows to make adjustments to 5 different audio sources.

  • Handheld Mic
  • Lavalier Mic 1
  • Lavalier Mic 2
  • Program Audio (PC Audio)
  • Aux Out

In VCC Johnston, the classroom has (2) Lavalier Mic and (6) Handheld Microphones.

 Please return all AV Microphones to the charging station when class has finished. As shown, below.

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