PC Laptop AirMedia Wireless Connection in Study/Breakout Room(s)


How do I connect my PC Laptop or Tablet to the TV screen wirelessly in Study/Breakout Rooms?

Step-by-step instruction

(1): Turn the TV on and confirm that PC/HDMI 2 is selected through the input selection on the TV or the remote control.

(2): Type in the URL on your device's web browser's address bar (as listed on the bottom left as shown "Visit: http://.........." ) and take note of the 4-digit pin code for Step #8.

Please note: the following examples should appear on your PC Laptop or Tablet .

(3): Click the button Start Presenting. Click OPEN to approve the page to open the Crestron AirMedia program.

(4): If this is your initial visit to this Study/Breakout room or have deleted the Crestron files; click the WINDOWS button to download the necessary software to your PC Laptop/Tablet. Momentarily, the necessary software will be downloaded.

(5): Once downloaded. the program should start immediately. If not, visit your Downloads folders and Double-Click on the Icon to install the software.


(6) Click the Crestron AirMedia icon to open the program. The program will search for that specific location.

(7) Type in the correct 4-digit pin code from Step #2 and press enter. Your PC Laptop/Tablet will begin the process to connect wirelessly.

(8) Your PC Laptop/Tablets contents should start to appear on the TV screen. (You will notice a YELLOW boarder on your screen and the PLAYING indication at the bottom right which is an indication the process is functioning properly)

Presentation Completion and Disconnection

Once you have completed the presentation and wish to disconnect properly, please complete the following steps:

(1): Press the Disconnect button and your PC Laptop/Tablet content should disappear. 

(2) You will notice the LOGGED OUT indication and the original Crestron/QR Code screen should appear on the screen.

Error Message Troubleshooting

  • A message that says “Unable to verify AirMedia Certificate” or “No Receivers Detected” may appear. Type in the URL# (from Step #2) in the above window as listed above.

Other notable Troubleshooting Techniques:

  • Confirm that your device is also connected to the campus Wi-Fi (eduroam) and you are signed in correctly using your WesternU credentials.

  • Double-check that the device you are trying to display has the latest updates (manufacturer and/or Windows).

  • Please note: if you see a RED screen, please try another USB-C port. On a PC laptop, use the HDMI cable directly. For the USB-C port could be needed for power connection only (depending on the PC laptop model).

  • The same 4-digit code may be entered twice to connect to AirMedia.


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