Connecting To External Displays (MS Windows)

Connecting To External Displays

With the increased use of laptops and docking stations at WesternU, there are some potential issues that customers might encounter.

How-To Extend, and Duplicate Displays

  1. Right click on an empty part of your desktop and click on "Display Settings"

  2. Scroll to the Bottom of the window that pops up, and underneath where it says "Multiple Displays" click on the drop-down, and select either "Extend these Displays" or "Duplicate these Displays"

  3. If you selected to duplicate your displays, you are now done. If you are choosing to extend your displays scroll back to the top of the window, and click "Identify". Take note of what numbers appear on what monitors. The numbers that appear correlate to the numbered boxes at the top of the screen.

  4. To change which monitor is on what side, click and drag the numbered boxes around until is matches your desired setup.

  5. To make a monitor your "Main Display" select the numbered box that correlates to the display you are wanting to use, and scroll to the bottom and check "Make this my main display"



  1. If things appear too large or small on the connected displays, please follow the instructions below.
    1. right click on an empty portion of your desktop and click "Display Settings".
    2. Click "Identify" this will number the displays and match them to the boxes at the top.
    3. Click the box at the top that corresponds to the problematic display.
    4. Click the drop-down menu underneath "Scale and Layout".
    5. Change between the options in that drop-down, until you find one that matches your needs. (Generally Numbers in the 100-150% range are good.)
  2. If your displays appear to be distorted, you may have to instead extend your displays rather than duplicating them. Follow the directions under "How-To Extend, and Duplicate Displays" above. These issues can occur when the device you are attaching has a different "Aspect Ratio" than the displays you are connecting to.


Review 6/01/2023


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