Incoming Student IT Orientation Request


This form is intended to be used by college representatives to provide information to TechSupport to schedule incoming Summer or Fall student IT orientations.


A request to fill out this form is typically sent out at the beginning of May for Summer orientations and around June/July for Fall orientations. 

What to Expect?

Student IT orientations are provided by TechSupport to the entire incoming student class (on a class-by-class basis). We request one hour of your students time for this orientation. The full hour allows TechSupport to present important IT-related information to your students as well as provide some extra time to answer questions and provide some one-on-one assistance. However, with smaller summer programs the full hour may not be required if you’re short on time/schedule. Please contact us if you think you need less or more than an hour and we can discuss options.

Virtual IT Orientations

If your IT Orientation is going to be completely virtual, please type in/select Offsite in the Orientation Location and Zoom or Teams in the Classroom/Room field. If you have specific requirements such as a hybrid (e.g. IT presents remotely) please indicate them in the Miscellaneous Information box so that we can contact you and best try to accommodate your students needs.  


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