Wireless Network Issues

This form is NOT for wired connections such as printers or desktop computers.

If this is not a Laptop, tablet or Smartphone connectivity problem please use the General IT Service Request form and connectivity can be determined there.


  • You are requesting investigation of connectivity issues while you are connected to one of the following University Wireless Networks:
    • EDURoam​​​​​​
    • WU-Guest


  • By requesting this service, IT Network Operations will initiate an investigation of possible problems that may have arisen in the particular area that you are working in and determine the cause.
  • You will be asked to provide detail on the nature of the issues you were experiencing in the form.

Additional Information

  • It may be required, prior to investigation that you bring your device to the Technical Support area for inspection.
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Thu 1/24/19 12:43 PM
Mon 6/17/24 1:20 PM