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Required Documents module is a part of the EduRotations application that manages the student rotations. The Required Documents module, in particular, is used to keep track of the documents that are required by the students to be submitted to the Sites/Preceptors as part of their rotations. The module has multiple functionalities including approving/rejecting a student’s document and then finally sending the documents as secured links to the Site/Preceptors. The report section of the module has varied filter options where the admins can get reports based on the documents as required.

Admin Section

Admins have 5 main tabs under the Required Docs module such as Required Docs, Document Details, Student Docs, Reports, and Configuration. From the EduRotations home page, click on the Required Docs vertical tab to go to the Required Docs module as shown in the image below.


Required Docs Tab

Below is a screenshot of the Required Docs home page (Required Docs Main tab)

This is where the admins can add documents that are required by the students to submit. The admin stipulated documents can be of two types.

  1. ByStudent: Documents that are to be uploaded by the students.
  2. Batch: Documents that are uploaded by the admins for a particular class and rotation year.

Add a ‘rank ‘to sort the documents based on your preferences. ‘Is Active’ will set the document to be active. Admins can also upload template documents for students’ reference here. The template can be a sample document or can be a document that the student needs to sign and upload. Admins can delete a Required Doc here from the main tab if there are no student docs attached to it. If a document is no longer needed and there are student docs attached to it, admins won’t be able to delete the document and in this case, they can set the ‘Active’ status to Inactive and the document will no longer be visible as a required doc.

Document Details Tab

Below is a screenshot of the Document Details Tab.

This is where each document added in the main tab is attached to a particular class year and rotation year so that the students that belong to the particular class year and rotation year can view these required docs and upload them.

In the example above, the Annual Flu shot is required by the students from the Class year 2017 and Rotation year 2016. Let say the students belonging to the Class year 2017 and rotation year 2017 also need the Annual Flu shot document, then the admins need to attach the Annual Flu shot again on the right-hand side to the required class year and rotation year.

So on the main tab, there will only be one Annual Flu Shot document, but under the Document Details tab, there will be two Annual Flu Shot documents with the respective class year and rotation year as per the example mentioned above.

Admins can set a due date for the document and the students will receive reminders to submit the document according to the approaching due dates.

Admins can also set the Expiry date mandatory for certain documents in which case the students will have to upload the document along with the actual document expiry date that they will have to set from the date field.

This is where the batch documents can be uploaded by admins for a particular class year and rotation year. The batch documents are only visible to admins and not to the students.

Student Docs Tab

Below is a screenshot of the Student Docs tab.

Using this tab, the admins can select a student from the list on the left and all his required docs data will be shown here. The admins will be able to see the stipulated documents, the first grid with title Required Documents, Rotation Specific Documents which the students upload on their own and the Batch documents if any was uploaded by the admins.

Admins can approve/reject a document by clicking on the green tick icon at the rightmost column, add comments and the same can be seen by students on their end. The students also receive emails upon Approval/Rejection of a document with the comments from admin.

“Send Documents” section is used to send documents to Site Contacts/Preceptor/Preceptor Contacts. Admins can select the documents from the grid, select the desired rotation under Send Documents upon which all the contacts associated with the rotation will be shown in the Contact List. The admin can then send these selected documents in the form of secure links as part of an email.

Reports Tab

Below is a screenshot of the Reports tab.

Reports tab can be used to view the reports of the Required Docs and their status. Multiple filters such as student’s last name, track, document title, document status and docs due in are added for further filtering.

Configuration Tab

Below is a screenshot of the Configuration tab.

This tab is used to set the expiration in days while sending the documents as secure links. The links will no longer be accessible to the site/preceptor contacts after the link's expiry has been met.



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