How to Get Ticket Updates & Escalate Tickets


  • How do I ask for an update on a ticket, ask a question to the technician working on a ticket, or escalate a ticket if am I not getting updates/answers?

TeamDynamix Tickets

  • Once you have submitted a request or incident at, a ticket is created for you, and you will receive notification via email with that ticket number and detailed information
  • There are three ways to update your WesternU Support Ticket, once it has been created:
    • Simply respond directly to any email you receive from WesternU Support regarding your ticket
    • Add a comment to the ticket directly on your ticket at
    • If your issue has been resolved, you can also withdraw your request at
  • Updating your support ticket in these ways allows all technicians assigned to your ticket to see your updates and stay informed
  • What you should not do:
    • Please refrain from directly emailing a technician that is listed in the ticket
      • There could be multiple technicians assigned to the ticket, and emailing someone directly could prevent other technicians from seeing your update
      • This would result in your ticket not getting resolved as quickly
    • Please refrain from forwarding your WesternU Support email to someone within your department in an effort to bring them into the conversation
      • You can directly reply to your WesternU Support email with the comment that you would like to add someone from your department to the ticket as a contact, and 'cc' your co-worker.  This notifies the technicians that you would like to add a contact, and notifies the person that they are being added as a contact

IT Ticket Updates


  • Client - Interact with your ticket (see detailed instructions below)
  • Phone - 909-469-5432 - Give us a call and ask about your ticket (be sure to have your support ticket number)
  • WesternU Support Email - - You can reply to the email with information, updates, and to notify technicians
  • E-mail - - Send us an e-mail about your ticket (be sure to include your support ticket number)
    • Note: Techsupport will not be able to assist in providing updates for non-IT tickets (Facilities, Student Services, or College-specific requests)

Client Portal

Searching for your Ticket: Step-by-step
  1. The best way to ask for an update, or to ask a question, is to do it from within the ticket using the Client Portal (

  2. You can access your tickets from the My Tickets button on the front page of the Client Portal (
  3. This new screen will allow too see and search for your tickets. The functions are as follows:
    1. Search: You can search for text or terms to find a specific ticket. This will search all "Description" fields
    2. Status Class: This will allow you to filter which ticket status you would like to search. The status are as follows
      1. New: Tickets that have not been acknowledged or service has not began
      2. In Process: Tickets that have been acknowledged and/or service has began
      3. On Hold: Ticket is on hold for a specific reason. Usually used for tickets with service to be completed in the future
      4. Closed: Tickets that have been completed
      5. Resolved: Tickets that have been completed, but require follow-up service or confirmation
      6. Cancelled: Tickets that have been cancelled by the requestor
    3. Reviewer: If you know who the responsible party of your ticket is, you can use this box to filter those requests
    4. Due Date: If your ticket included a Due Date, you can filter fer those requests. Tickets with no Due Date will not display if this box is used
    5. Include Requests that I am listed as a contact on: To see tickets not submitted by you, but where you are added as a contact
    6. ID: If you know the specific Ticket ID, you can input it here
    7. Acct/Dept: If you wish to filter tickets for a specific department. This box is rarely used
    8. Services: If you wish to see tickets of only a specific service, you can use this box to filter those tickets
    9. Created: If you know the date or date range the ticket was created, you can use this box to filter those tickets
    10. Include requests from my accounts / departments: Used to include tickets from your account and department when filtering out other departments. This is rarely used.

Tickets can also be navigated to directly by following the link at the bottom of any ticket notification. (E.G.

A ticket can also be linked directly by removing the information after "TicketID=" and inputting the ticket number (E.G.

Please Note: You can only view tickets that list you as the Requestor or as a Contact. If you require access to view a ticket, please contact TechSupport.

Basic Updates/Questions
  • Once you are within the ticket you can click on the Comment button in the Feed section at the bottom. If the ticket already has updates and comments you may be able comment on existing updates or create a new one. Please be sure to notify the Responsible person on the ticket. You can also add other Contacts to to notify. Please do not notify Groups as this will spam multiple people that are not responsible for this ticket.
  • Once in the ticket, you may withdraw your request, add an attachment, or add an alert so you receive notifications when anything changes in your ticket

WesternU Support Email

  • After submitting a request, an automated email wil be sent to you from
  • To send an update, simply reply to the email with your updates, questions, or comments and the ticket will be updated automatically.
  • If you would like to include a new person to the ticket, note who should be added in your reply so technicians will be made aware and make the needed changes. 
  • Please Note: Do not send general emails directly to That inbox is not monitored and is used specifically for automatic ticket emails

Ticket Escalation 

  • The easiest way to escalate a ticket is to simply call (909-469-5432) or e-mail ( and indicate that you want to escalate a ticket to a supervisor. Please provide the ticket number at the time of your call.

Additional Information

  • You can also call (909-469-5432) or e-mail ( TechSupport to ask for an update. Be sure to have your ticket number ready so that we can quickly reference your ticket and get you the information you need. 
  • Use this link to view our Service Level Agreements for questions regarding our response and resolution guidelines.


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