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The webpage, (sometimes called Support, or TDX) is the new Knowledge Base and Service Catalog for Western University of Health Sciences. It will house requests and documents for many departments on campus including IT, Registrar, Student Services, and Facilities. 

Communication to and from the system will come from a new email address This is NOT a monitored inbox, and any general messages or requests will not be read. If you require technology assistance over email, please reach out to

Using the Portal

The portal (also called the Client Portal or TDClient) can be accessed anywhere at Once at the site, you will want to ensure that you are signed in, this will allow you to see your tickets as well as view internal articles and service requests. Below is a short guide to navigating the homepage:

  1. User menu: Click this to sign in using your WesternU email address and current password. Once signed in, the system will show your name. 
  2. Search Bar: Use this to search for articles/service requests that fit your needs. You can use the world icon to filter specific items:
    1. All: This will search everything available 
    2. Knowledge Base: This will only search knowledge base articles
    3. Service Catalog: This will only search service requests
    4. Questions: This will only search Questions. Please Note: This functionality is currently not active, and will not yield any search results. 
  3. Quick Menu: Use this menu to quickly switch to the listings for Services, Knowledge Base Articles, and the Home Page
  4. Self Services Menu: Use this menu to quickly see all your tickets in one page
  5. Services Menu: Use this menu to quickly navigate to a specific department's service requests

Filling out a Service Request

Once you have navigated to a service request, you will be greeted with a page similar to the one below. Please note, many requests require that you be signed in to the system and it is recommended that you sign in as some information is automatically gathered from your user account (email address, computer name, phone number, etc.)

  1. Navigation Bar: This will show where the service is request is housed in the catalog
  2. Service Request Information: This section will show the name, tags, and information about the service request. This section can also house links to other required or similar information to the service request. 
  3. Submission Options: This menu contains a few options:
    1. Request ...: This will take you into the request form
    2. Share: This will bring up a separate menu to share a link to the request form
    3. Add to Favorites: This will add the service request to your favorites to be found easier in the future
  4. Related Articles: This section will show other service requests or articles that are related to the one you are currently viewing. 

Once you have filled out a service request, you will receive an automated email from with your ticket information, including the Ticket Number. You can reply to this message to add information to the request, and you can also view and edit the request from by clicking "My Tickets". 

Common Issues/Questions

Can I save link(s) to the homepage or commonly used articles/requests?

Yes! Links to articles and service requests do not change, even if their names or information do. Please note, if saving a link for a service request, ensure that you save the link before you click "Request ...", otherwise the forms can experience issues.

I don't know what request form to use

Use the search function to best find what you are looking for. If you are unable to find a specific form, there are General Use forms that can be used for each department (General IT Request, General Facilities Request, Etc.). Please Note, your request may be closed out with a link and instructions to fill out the correct form.

I'm getting a login page that won't allow me to sign in

There are a few links floating around of our test system. These links will look like this: The links can be updated by replacing "" with "". Anything after the initial link can stay.

Can I request a new Service Request or Knowledge Base Article?

Yes, new content can be submitted by filling out a TDX Content Request Form using this link. Please note, not all requests will be able to fulfilled or completed. If this is the case, a full explanation will be provided in the ticket. 

What if I am a contact on the Service Request, but not the requestor?

You will be able to view tickets in the same manner described above, but you will not receive regular email updates unless the updater is specifically sending them to you. 

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