Sharp MFP Secure Printing


  • How can I print confidential documents securely to Sharp MFPs?


By using secure print you can sent your jobs to the printer without worry that they will be printed out and sit in the tray for anyone to see. Using secure print the job is not released/printed from the machine until you walk up to it and put in a secure code that you have created. 


  1. To enable Secure Print is a 2-step process. First in your print driver and then at the Sharp’s touch screen panel.

    • When printing, click the Printing Preferences button to open the print driver options. Select the Job Handling tab and change Document Filing to Hold Only and enter a Pin Code. Then Send / print the job.

  2. Go to the Sharp touch screen and touch either Document Filing or HDD File Retrieve. Your screen may differ from the picture below but it will be similar.
    • Choose the folder you sent the job to, normally the Main or Quick Folder.
    • Check the job you want to print out, before touching Print Now, designate whether you want the machine to continue storing the job or not with the Print and Delete option on the right. Then press Print.


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