Concur Travel and Expense


  • A step-by-step guide to the usage of Concur Travel and Expense.


1. Log on to my.WesternU at


2. Concur exists under three different cards: Fiance and Budget, Employee Resources, and Application Systems.

Cards where Concur link exists.


3. Exploring the Home Page. The home page contains the following sections.
NOTE: To return to the home page from any other page, click the SAP Concur logo on the top left of the screen.


4. Since WesternU uses Expense and Travel, you will see these sections.


5. Updating Your Profile.
Note: You can set or change your personal preferences such as: Approvers, Bank information, ect.


6. Creating a New Expense Report. To create a report, click the Expense Tab, then click Manage Expenses (on the sub-menu), and then click the 
   Create New Report tile.


a) Complete all required fields (marked with red bars). 
b) Click Next. Available Cash Advances are displayed in a popup window (assign advances or click Next).
c)  At this point, you will likely either:
    - Add WesternU card transactions to your expense report.
    - Add an out-of-pocket expense to your expense report. 


7. Entering Personal Car Mileage. To create a car mileage expense:

a) With the expense report open, on the New Expense tab, select the mileage expense type.
b) Complete all required and optional fields. For a personal car, you might enter the total business miles traveled. For a company car,
   you might be required to enter the beginning and ending odometer readings. When done, Expense calculates the reimbursement amount 
   based on the miles and the reimbursement rate set by WesternU.
c) Click Save.


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