WesternU E-mail Setup/Removal (iOS)

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  • *WESTERNU EMPLOYEES ONLY* Before configuring your email, you must install the Intune Company Portal app. This is the management app that is required for having your WesternU email synced on your mobile device.
  • Here is an FAQ to know more about the management profile.



Remove Account

Setup Account


Setup Account

1) First, go to ‘Settings’on your iPhone/iPad.

2) Then Select ‘Mail’.

3) Under 'Mail' tap 'Accounts' and tap 'Add Account'


4) Now select the account type ‘Exchange’ which will be listed.

5) Using your account information fill in the text fields then tap ‘Next’.


6) You will be asked to using Microsoft.

7) ‘Sign in’ using your WesternU email address and password.

8) Tap to confirm the permissions requested.

9) After confirming your settings, tap 'Save'.

10. Congratulations! You have successfully configured WesternU email on your iOS device!


Remove Account

1) First, go to 'Settings' on your iPhone/iPad

2) Then Select 'Mail'


3) Under 'Mail' tap 'Accounts'


4) Now select your WesternU email


5) Now select 'Delete' at the bottom of the account details


6) Confirm the deletion of the account, and now the account is removed.

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