Making A Phone Call

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Making a Phone Call Example (Video Link)

Dialing a Call

To place a call, pick up the handset and enter the phone extension (4-digit) or if calling an outside number dial 9 and then 1 and the full 10-digit number (e.g. 9-1-909-469-5432)

Or try one of the alternatives below: 

Redial Last Number 

  • Press Redial button on your Cisco desktop phone, to redial on your primary line
  • To redial on another line, press the line button first.

Dial On-Hook

  1. Enter a number when the phone is idle
  2. Lift the handset or press one of these:
    • Call
    • Headset button
    • Speakerphone button
    • Select button

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Answering a Call

New Call Indicators:

  • A flashing amber session button
  • An animated iconFlashing Phone Iconand caller ID
  • A flashing red light on your handset

To answer the call you can use one of the following options:

  • Lift the handset
  • Press the flashing amber session button
  • Press the Answer softkey
  • Press the unlit headset button
  • Press the speakerphone button

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Declining a Call

To decline a call you can use one of the following options: 

  • Press the Decline softkey, while the call is ringing
  • Press the Divert softkey, this redirects an individual call to voicemail

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Multiple Calls

While talking on the phone you will hear a slight beep when you get another call

  • Press the flashing amber session button to answer the second call
    • Note: Answering the call will put the first call on hold automatically

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Placing a Call On Hold

To place a call on hold:

  • Press the Hold button Hold Button Icon  
    • The hold icon appears, and the session button flashes green

To resume a call: 

  • Press the flashing green session button or Resume

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Forward All Calls

To forward all calls received:

  • On your Cisco desktop phone, press Forward All
    • Look for confirmation Forward All Icon on the top left corner of your phone screen
  • Enter a phone number or enter 5399 to forward all calls to voicemail

To cancel call forwarding:

  • Press the Forward Off button

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