GL Details - Elixir Transaction

GL Details Section 

  • Why don't I see a FOAPAL under GL Details on the Elixir transaction?

Item Split Details 

Single Account Line Item

  1. When referencing a single FOAPAL in a transaction, the below displayed GL Details will be shown.


Scenario 1: Line Items with Multiple Accounts

  1. When two or more accounts are used for a transaction, a FOAPAL will not be displayed, you will need to review the Line Item Details section. 



       2. To know which line item uses what account, navigate and click on the more... button for details. 


3. The multiple accounts are used between line items, the examples below are shown having used different accountsEquipment-Computers and Warranty Contracts.


Equipment-Computers Account



Warranty Contracts



Scenario 2: Split FOAPAL

  1. When referencing a SPLIT FOAPAL in a transaction, the below GL Details will be shown.


       2. To review the SPLIT FOAPAL in more detail, navigate and click on the more...




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