eduroam Troubleshooting

This page will contain troubleshooting steps for the eduroam network. Instructions to connect to eduroam can be found at the link below:

Connecting to the eduroam network

Troubleshooting - Mac

Please note that your MacOS Version must be ABOVE 10.13 (High Sierra) to connect to eduroam

Many issues can be resolved by clearing the settings for eduroam, if you are experiencing issues, please follow the three solutions in order below until your issue is resolved.

Solution 1 - Deleting Saved Network

  1. Open System Preferences by clicking the Apple Icon and selecting System Preferences
  2. In the System Preferences menu, select Network
  3. In the Network screen. Turn off Wi-Fi by clicking Turn Wi-Fi Off
  4. Once Wi-Fi is turned off, click Advanced in the bottom-right
  5. In the Preferred Networks tab, look for and delete eduroam
    • If you see any of the networks below, please delete them as well
      • WesternU
      • WU-Guest
      • WU-Voice-Dev
  6. In the 802.1.X tab, delete all Login Window Profiles that pertain to WesternU or eduroam
    • A Profile can be deleted by selecting it and clicking the "-" (Minus) symbol
  7. Restart your computer
  8. Enable Wi-Fi by following steps 1-3
  9. Attempt to connect to eduroam

Solution 2 - Deleting Certificates

  1. Complete Solution 1 but do not re-connect to eduroam
  2. Open the Utilities folder found in Applications (Shortcut: Shift+CMD+U
  3. Select and open Keychain Access
  4. In Keychain Access, select Certificates in the Category section in the bottom-right
  5. Select and delete any certificates that pertain to WesternU or eduroam
  6. Restart the computer

Solution 3 - Deleting Wi-Fi Service

This solution may delete all saved Wi-Fi networks

  1. Open the Network settings window from Solution 1
  2. Select the Wi-Fi network on the left, and click the "-" (minus) sign to delete it
    • You may need to Accept or enter your computer password to complete this step
  3. Click the "+" (plus) sign at the bottom-left to create a new service
  4. Name the service Wi-Fi (same as original)
  5. Attempt to connect to eduroam

macOS Ventura eduroam Profile removal

Specific to macOS Ventura, eduroam profiles are no longer listed in the Advanced settings of Network under 802.1X tab.

Please make sure that no eduroam profiles are listed in the following location:

  1. On your Mac, choose Apple menu 

     > System Settings, click Privacy and Security  in the sidebar, then click Profiles on the right. (You may need to scroll down.)
  2. Select a profile in the Profiles list, then click the Remove button 

Connected to eduroam but no internet - MAC

This is a DNS issue.

  1. Open System Preferences by clicking the Apple Icon and selecting System Preferences
  2. In the System Preferences menu, select Network 

  1. It will default to WiFi, select Advanced

  1. Select the DNS tab and check for custom DNS settings. If any entries are in the DNS, select them and press the "-" (minus) sign to remove them. The only DNS listed should be the and

Troubleshooting - Windows

Solution 1 - Forgetting the network

  1. Open the Settings app (Start Menu > Settings Gear Wheel)
  2. Select Network and Internet
  3. Select Wi-Fi  on the left
  4. Click Manage Known Networks
  5. Select and delete all eduroam and WesternU entries
  6. Attempt to reconnect to eduroam

Connected to eduroam but no internet - Windows

This is a DNS Issue

  1. Select the Start Menu and open Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network connections
  2. Right-Click the Wi-Fi connection and select Properties

  1. It will be on the Networking tab, select the Properties of the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
  2. It will be on the General tab, select Obtain DNS server address automatically

Troubleshooting - Android and Chromebooks

Solution 1 - Forgetting the network

  1. Open the Wi-Fi screen. This is often under Settings > Wi-Fi or Settings > Connections (will vary between devices)
  2. Right-click (Chromebook) or long press (Android) the eduroam network and select Forget
    • Complete the same steps for any other WesternU networks
  3. Attempt to connect to eduroam

Troubleshooting - iOS and iPad

Solution 1 - Forgetting the network

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Select Wi-Fi
  3. Press the  (i) icon and select Forget Network
  4. Attempt to reconnect to eduroam

Solution 2 - Removing Management Profile

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Select General
  3. Select VPN and Device Management
  4. Remove any Management Profile
  5. Attempt to reconnect to eduroam

Helpful/Related Links

How to Locate your MAC Address on MacBook

  1. From the Apple menu (🍎 icon, top left), select System Preferences....
  2. In System Preferences, select Network.
  3. In the left of the "Network" window that opens, click the name of your connection (for example, Wi-Fi, AirPort, Ethernet, Built-in Ethernet).
  4. In the bottom right corner click Advanced..., and in the sheet that appears, click the Hardware tab.
  5. The address is the string of letters and numbers next to "MAC Address:", "Ethernet ID:", or "AirPort ID:".
    • Example: 3C:06:30:11:F7:3B

Still Experiencing Issues?

If you experience issues with eduroam or any WiFi connection, please notify TechSupport at (909) 469-5432 or Please note, you may be asked to visit our office with your device to continue troubleshooting if needed.

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