Faculty and Staff- Registering for and Using Top Hat Pro

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Top Hat is one of the main audience response systems in use on campus. This software allows faculty and staff members to facilitate live and asynchronous interactions with students through features like polling, discussion prompts, quiz questions and more. Information on full functionality can be accessed here.

There are two types of Top Hat access in use on campus- Pro (paid version) and Basic (free version). Associated licensing costs are paid per student and participating student cohorts are established by each college prior to the start of the academic year. For reference, a list of cohorts participating in Pro licensing can be viewed here. If you are presenting to a listed Pro cohort, feel free to move forward with Pro registration, if you are not presenting to a cohort with Pro licensing, feel free to instead utilize these directions for Basic registration.

  • Directions for registration and use are linked below.
  • When prompted to select a license type, you will select "Top Hat Pro"
  • When prompted to select a school name, the selection will be dependent on your college.
    • If you are from the College of Optometry, select the school name, "Western University of Health Sciences (Canvas)"
    • All other colleges should select the school name "Western University of Health Sciences"

Professor: Creating your account and courses

Professor: Quick Start Guide

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What if I would like to make a single presentation to a group of non-WesernU participants or I present sparsely to a group that I would not like to make register for access?

  • Top Hat accommodates one-off requests if you would not like to make it mandatory for participants to register to participate in your presentation. This access can be accomplished per presentation by contacting Top Hat support and letting them know you are presenting to a guest audience.

I am having technical or account-related issues with Top Hat- where do I contact for help?

  • Because WesternU does not have administrative access to account information, please contact Top Hat support for issues. If further escalation is needed, WesternU staff can facilitate that process if a report is submitted here.

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