Dental 3D Mills

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Reference - Dental Mills

  • This is information regarding the functionality and connectivity to have the 3D dental mills located within HEC Dental Simulation LAB and in PCC Dental workroom.



  • Vendor is PlanMeca
  • 800-537-6070

    9094698315 support # Brent Fung

  • Dental Students/Faculty scan dental imprints and upload their scans for 3D milling.

Physical Equipment

  • 3 Mills
  • 3 Desktop PC/Workstations that act as "Job Servers" for each Mill
  • 8 Laptops that have the client software installed on them.

Additional Information

  • Laptops are all connected to Voice-DEV

    • Laptops have edited hosts file to point to Job Servers

  • Workstations and Mills are connected to Special-Devices VLAN

    • At this time, each mill has it's own server.


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