Lenovo Laptop Docking Station Connection Guide

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Welcome to the Lenovo Laptop Docking Station Connection Guide Page!


  • How do I set-up the new Lenovo Docking Station I received from IT Purchasing?
Step One:  Identifying all the Ports

  1. On the back of the Lenovo Docking Station, there are 10 ports. From Left to Right, there are:
    1. USB-C Port to Laptop
    2. Power Adapter
    3. DisplayPort
    4. DisplayPort (Top)
    5. HDMI (Bottom)
    6. 2 USBS (Top and Bottom)
    7. Ethernet Port
    8. 2 USBs for Keyboard and Mouse (Top and Bottom)
  2. On the Back of your monitors, there will be corresponding ports for one of the connections listed as options 3-5 in the above step.


Step Two:  Make the Connections

  1. Find the matching ports and connect them to the dock from the power adapter, monitors, your ethernet data cable and any USBs.
    1. At a minimum you must connect the Dock to the Power Adapter, and the USB-C Cable from the Dock to the Laptop
  2. Connect the USB-C Cable from the Dock to the Laptop. 

Step Three: All Finished
  1. Once you connected the USB-C cord from the Dock to the Laptop, you are finished. 
  2. Log into the laptop and check your display settings by going to Windows Button > Settings (Gear) > System > Display
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