Laptop Locker

Laptop Locker

  • Technical Support has several laptop lockers to allow PRE-ARRANGED drop offs and pick ups of same devices and equipment for both employees and students. All drop offs or pick ups must be pre-arranged with TechSupport as a code will be required to use the locker. Please contact TechSupport via 909-469-5432 if you would like more information or submit a ticket here


Pomona, CA

  • Located in the HEC (Health Education Center) lobby - right near Outtakes - on the Pomona campus

Lebanon, OR

  • Located just outside of the TechSupport office (room 108) in the COMP-NW building of the Lebanon campus. 
  • (photo coming soon)

How to Use

  1. To unlock, enter the 4-digit code provided by TechSupport. This information will be sent to you via e-mail and included in your ticket.

  2. Press ENTER and rotate the knob clockwise 90° and open the locker.

  3. To lock, rotate the knob 90° counter-clockwise. For the safety of your equipment, please ensure that the locker is locked after dropping off your device 

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