SHPEP MacBook Setup


  • How do I setup my new MacBook?
  • Do I need to download any special applications?
  • How do I add my WesternU email account to my new MacBook


When you turn on your new MacBook, you will be presented with several screens before setup is complete. Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Select your language of choice
  2. For the Wi-Fi network, select your preferred Wi-Fi network
  3. You will come to a Remote Management screen, it will explain a little what it is doing. This method is used to distribute applications this MacBook. Hit "Next"
  4. Remote Management wants you to log in. Enter your WesternU user name and password.
  5. The next screen will tell you that it's "Awaiting final configuration from Western University of Health Sciences"
  6. Continue advancing through the setup, reading each screen (There will be various screens such as asking if you prefer light or dark mode).
  7. The MacBook has now been configured. Several Apps will start installing such as Examplify and Self Service. This may not happen immediately and could take 20-30 minutes to fully complete

Additional Information

  • You will not need to download any special applications.
  • To setup WesternU email on this MacBook, visit this KB article for instructions: WesternU Email Setup (MacOS)


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