Top Hat Course Creation Best Practices

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  • Use a uniform course naming convention for curricular content that spans multiple academic years. This will make pulling any historical data easier and keep the information display (especially to those with shared responsibilities in your course) more streamlined.
    • We recommend the course catalog ID + academic year (i.e. PHRM 8000 2020-2021) or you can optionally add in a short descriptor (i.e. PHRM 8000 Intro to Stats 2020-2021)
    • For non-curricular courses, we recommend a descriptor + academic year (i.e. CPM Poster Presentations 2020-2021)
  • If you're teaching the same course but in a different semester or academic year, we recommend creating a new copy of the course to keep the old section's information intact. To transfer content between courses, you can use the copy feature as per this Top Hat how-to guide.

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