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How do I allow users to post assessments using ExamID and ExamMonitor and review integrity reporting?


In Legacy Portal, once ExamID and ExamMonitor have been enabled, your Key Administrator (KA) will need to begin to adjust user rights for posting assessments with ExamID and ExamMonitor.  This same permission controls who can see the Exam Integrity reporting containing incidents for a student as long as that user has permission to the folder where that exam is posted within ExamSoft.

To add these permissions, navigate to Admin>Users.  Click the pencil icon next to the user you wish to give permissions to.

Under Other Rights, choose Enable ExamID for Posting and Enable ExamMonitor for Posting. 

These rights will:

  1. Let the user view the Exam Integrity at the top of ExamSoft and view any academic integrity breaches for the student, as long as that same person has permissions to the folder where the exam is located. 
  2. Post an assessment using ExamID or ExamMonitor.  It is important to note that if instructors choose this functionality for ExamMonitor, they are depleting from your bank of units.  Therefore, you do not want to enable ExamMonitor for every assessment.  Ensure your instructors understand this when you give them access to post this on the posting settings. 

The new tab will appear at the top of your ExamSoft portal. 


If you experience issues with ExamID and ExamMonitor, Examsoft has provided a Troubleshooting guide, found at the link below:

Examplify: ExamID and ExamMonitor Troubleshooting Guide

If users have issues with ExamID and ExamMonitor, the full list of articles can be found at the link below:

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