Online Course Audit - OLC OSCQR Review

IDLD Audit Review Process:

  1. Submit an Online Course Audit Request
  2. The Instructional Design Team will receive the request and:
    1. Send you a copy of the rubric if you have not yet completed an internal course audit
    2. Clarify any questions
    3. Provide an updated audit completion timeline based on the current department workload
  3. The IDLD Team will audit the course
  4. Upon completion, the requester will be provided with a completed rubric, including feedback and suggestions
  5. The requester may resubmit the course for a 2nd review after the suggested changes are made.
  6. When the course meets all requirements of the OSCQR standards the course will become Course OSCQR Quality Certified and receive a badge that can be displayed on the main home page within the LMS. (as shown below)

A course displaying the above image confirms that this course was successfully evaluated by CETL using the 50 instructional design, accessibility, and RSI standards of the OSCQR rubric.



About the OSCQR Rubric:

The OLC/SUNY OSCQR Rubric is used for this Online Course Auditing Tool.

This is a course-level quality rubric for reviewing and improving the instructional design and accessibility of online courses based on online best practices as well as a gauge for Regular and Substantive Interaction (RSI) standards as required by the U.S. Dept. of Education. 

With 50 instructional design and accessibility standards integrated into the rubric, it can be used to identify and target aspects of online courses for improvement.  

The rubric includes the following categories:

  • Course Overview and Information,
  • Course Technology and Tools,
  • Design and Layout,
  • Content and Activities,
  • Interaction,
  • Assessment and Feedback

Learn more about the OSCQR Rubric:



Download the Rubric

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