Network Files and Folder Access Services

Network Folder Access

Finding the path of an existing shared folder


You may already have access to this folder or you may be able to see the folder but cannot access, if both these are true, you can get the path from File Explorer (This PC) on Windows by opening the mounted drive (J Drive, etc..) and navigating to the folder.


Copy and past the path from the navigation bar

If filling out this form, make sure you include this path in the Path to Folder(s) field

Requesting a New Folder

If you want to create a new folder, follow the steps above but in the description please list the name(s) of the folder(s) you want created

Permission Types and What They Mean

You will be asked to select the type of permission you want for access, below you can find out what each type means:

Permission Type Permission Meaning
Modify Add Files and Folders, Remove Files and Folders, Open and Modify Files
Read/Write List Folder Contents, Read Files, Add and Modify Files
Read List Folder Contents, Read Files
List Folder Contents List Folder Contents

When folder permissions are added, you may need to log off/on Windows for the changes to occur. Please note that folder permissions may require manager approval before we grant the permissions.

Request Access to a Network Folder or Create a New Location File/Email Restoration Service


Service ID: 50434
Tue 6/29/21 1:37 PM
Tue 6/29/21 3:11 PM

Service Offerings (2)

Network Folder and File Server Access
Request access to network drives such as W:\, J:\ etc...
File/Email Restoration
To be used if a file, folder or email is missing and you would like IT to attempt to recover it.