Student Leader Conference Funding

If you are interested in applying for student leader conference funding, please complete this form and our funding committee will review your request. Applications will be reviewed at the beginning of each semester and approval will be sent to you with the amount of funding the committee has approved you to receive in reimbursement after your trip. Please keep in mind that travel funds are set aside for student leaders only and general conference attendance will not be considered. You must also meet all academic conference travel standards at the time of travel (see General Academic Policies and Procedures in the COMP Catalog for details). 

The funding committee defines a leadership role being any student who is required to attend a regional or national conference as part of their leadership role, or a club leader who plans to attend the conference and bring information back to present to their club members. If you are unsure whether your role would be considered, we ask that you provide as much detail in your request for us to determine your eligibility and we will provide feedback as appropriate if you do not qualify.  

OSA will consider covering the following approved travel-related expenses, so please be prepared to submit your request with the appropriate estimates for each. 

  • Roundtrip transportation to the airport and conference center location only (shuttles, Uber, Lyft, taxi, airfare*, mileage**) 
  • Lodging for approved guests only (hotel, Airbnb or similar rental) 
  • Conference registration fees  

*The University will not reimburse business class flights or cover travel insurance if you choose to add this for your trip. 

** Mileage is calculated from the University or your home if you live closer to the airport or conference center, at the current rate of 65.5 cents per mile. 

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