Basic HIPAA Training (Contact Tracing, Administration, University Operations)

Welcome to the Contact Tracing Training Page!

Please note:

  • The below quiz, document, and request form are all required to fulfill your requirements and participate in the University Contact Tracing program.

  • Navigate to this page to review all training materials associated with the Western University HIPAA Training.


Step One:

If you have not already completed the following quizzes:

  • HIPAA (10 questions)

Navigate to the following site to complete both required quizzes: 


Once the quizzes have been completed, you will be redirected back to this training site to complete step two.


Step Two:

Download and sign the attached Employee or Student Confidentiality Agreement:


  • Documents that are uploaded in step three with typed (not e-signed) or missing signatures, or non-letter characters in the initial boxes will be rejected.

  • To ensure all fields are available, please open the PDF through an Adobe product (Reader, DLC, Acrobat) rather than a web browser.

  • For assistance with configuring your eSignature, please reference the following article:

Step Three:

Select "Confirm Completion of Training" located in the top-right corner of this page. Fill out the form and submit it for processing.

  • Be sure to complete the required quiz prior to requesting confirmation of completion
  • Don't forget to attach both signed pages of the attached, required document.


Please be aware requests can take up to two business days to process.


If you have any questions or issues when attempting to complete the above steps, please reach out to or call (909) 469-5432.

Confirm Completion of Training


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