Emergency Funding Assistance

If you are experiencing an unforeseen financial hardship and need funds to cover essentials, the donors from the Physicians Aid Association would like to help. Use this service to describe your financial situation and a member of OSA can speak with you confidentially and see if your situation qualifies for emergency funding.


Funds may be; 

  • granted for unforeseen financial hardships that directly benefits the student requesting them. 
  • used to cover essential needs such as rent, utilities, food, health insurance, basic transportation, unexpected bills (e.g. funeral expenses) etc. 

Student must provide documentation in advance to confirm the scenario described. Priority will be given to students who have not previously received assistance. If you are a currently enrolled student, your financial need must qualify for a budget increase (even though this is “free money”). The OSA can discuss this with you in more detail.

Please note that the following expenses qualify for a budget increase; auto, dental/medical/vision expenses, prescriptions, and childcare.


** IMPORTANT! Any disbursements received will impact your Financial Aid award for current (if 4th year student) or future awards years. Contact the financial aid office for more details on how this will affect your disbursements.**"

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