CDM Student Time-Off Request



  • The CDM Time Off Request is used to request time off that will impact clinical or non-clinical sessions at CDM.


Please keep in mind that the OAA can only grant time-off for the reasons outlined in the Absence Policy that can be found in the catalog. We have highlighted some of the policy here, so it is important that you review the catalog for details. All absence requests are not considered approved until you have received formal approval from our office. In order for requests to be considered, please make sure you attach appropriate documentation covering all dates for which you were or plan to be absent.

Examples of appropriate documentation:

·         A doctor’s note, entrance/discharge papers for self or family member

·         A program from a funeral, religious ceremony, graduation, etc.

·         A receipt for car problems like the confirmation of a tow

If you submit your absence form for an unplanned absence, you have until the day you return to class/clinic to submit appropriate documentation; otherwise, your absence will be considered unexcused. Excused absences MAY NOT BE APPROVED if appropriate documentation is not received, so please be diligent in getting the appropriate forms to OAA.

Attendance is required at all scheduled instructional period. Absence from instructional periods for any reason does not relieve the student from the responsibility for the material covered during the period of absence. Frequent absences will be viewed as violations of the Standards of Academic and Professional Conduct. Students are expected to participate fully in all classroom/remote, laboratory, and clinic activities.

Please contact OAA via the Team Dynamix CDM Student Request service if you have any questions.

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