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The IT Ecosystem Application is our one stop shop for viewing a comprehensive list of all applications, corresponding servers (permission based), and salient websites that we support and that our campus community utilizes and provides as services to our students and other constituents.

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Find out information regarding types of software or applications used by campus such as:

  • What communication software is used on campus?
  • What percentage of campus is using specialty or department specific software?
  • What departments are using mobile applications supported by IT, and what are those applications?
  • What software is considered “Enterprise” and what integrations are currently in place?
  • I’m interested in using presentation software but I don’t know what WesternU currently supports.
  • If the internet goes down, what hosted software would I not be able to reach?
  • What applications are used University-Wide?

IT Data

  • A single source of accurate data for all supported WesternU software, hardware, and applications

Transparency and Customer Service

  • The IT Ecosystem will provide tranparent data to our WesternU users.  IN addition, our responsef to customer requests will become more nimble and efficient

Data-Driven Dashboards

  • For ease of navigation, the IT Ecosystem provides a visual dashboard with charts based on the data that is housed within the application

Searchable Database

  • Users have search and sort capabilities that will make finding a particular application virutally effortless.


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