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Software preinstalled on computer:


* Tech Support is not responsible for missing or non-functioning software, hardware, or mailboxes that are not listed on this document. Please provide us with as much information as possible via this form so that you can have a smooth computer upgrade. *


  • List all additional software you need installed (Must have a current license)

  • List all printers you need installed (Start Button > Device and Printers)

  • List any additional hardware installed (Scanners, wireless keyboards, etc.)

  • List any additional Outlook mailboxes besides your own (e.g. Department mailbox)



  • Only primary computers are eligible to be upgraded. Primary computers can be identified by the -P at the end of the computer name (example: COMP001-P).

  • Common (-C), Secondary (-S) and Exam (-E) computers will not eligible for upgrade. These are responsibility of the college/department's budget.

    • If replaced by the college/department data backup will not be performed on Common (-C) or Exam (-E) computers. For backup and HIPAA reasons, all documents should be saved on network drives (e.g. I:\ Drive or S:\ Drive). 

  • Non-Supported (-X) and Research (-R) computers may not be eligible for upgrade unless they are also a Primary (-P). Some exceptions may apply and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by TechSupport. 

  • Computers with the flag -UPG (example: PHA0001-UPG) are NOT eligible for upgrade under any circumstances.

  • This form is primarily designed for desktop upgrades. TechSupport will not cover the full cost of a laptop upgrade, even if it is a Primary (-P) computer. Please contact TechSupport directly before filling this form out for a laptop. If you have already contacted TechSupport about a laptop upgrade and you have been instructed to fill out this form you may proceed.

  • Only the current standard desktop model (click link for model details) is available for upgrade by filling out this form. If you require a non-standard desktop, or upgraded model, please contact for additional options. 
  • TechSupport is not responsible for the backup of personal information on your work computer such as movies, music, etc. Personal data should not be stored on University devices or shared/network drives for copyright and security concerns. Data stored in non-standard locations (e.g. not your Desktop or Documents folders may not be backed up).
  • All computers must be returned to TechSupport after upgrade for proper disposal, date/security wipe/destruction and inventory management.



  • Filling out this form does not guarantee a computer upgrade. We must verify that your computer is eligible for upgrade before proceeding. See exclusions above.

  • Please confirm that you receive a TDX ticket number after you have completed this form. If you do not receive an e-mail with a TDX ticket number for this upgrade request in 30 minutes please contact TechSupport.

  • Computer upgrades are prioritized based on the following criteria: age of computer, usability of computer, date in which the request was submitted and the workload/schedule of TechSupport and individual technicians assigned to the upgrade ticket.

  • Computer upgrades are subject to the availability of funds granted to IT/TechSupport by the University.

  • We will store your hard drive for 30 days in a secure location before destroying the hard drive for security reasons. Please verify you have all your data prior to the 30 days expiring. After 30 days your hard drive will be securely wiped/erased and then physically destroyed.

  • Please note that Windows 10 with Office 365 is now the standard and only option available on upgrade computers. Windows 10 and Office 2016 training is available on including Windows 10 Essential Training and Office 365 New Features.

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