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Jury Summons Letter

Submit request for updated Letter of Good Standing. Please include dates of rotation and full site name. Please note, check your individual Teams files first for the Letter of Good Standing before submitting ticket.

You can upload medical clearance letters, intent to return, or other required LOA Return documentation, by using this form.

If you have forgotten or need to change your password, please follow these instructions

Request reports for data from Banner.

For individuals needing to complete the basic University Compliance HIPAA Training as part of the requirements for positions in university administration/operations or contact tracing.

HIPAA Training for non-WesternU individuals providing patient care services in conjunction with WesternU Health members or facilities.

WesternU student HIPAA training. Required to be completed once per academic year per the Office of University Compliance.

Annual Certification as required by the Office of Compliance for any WesternU Health Employee (Staff or Provider)