Connecting to a Network Folder in Windows


Instructions on how to connect to a network folder in Windows 10.



How do I connect to a network folder in Windows?


  1. Open a File Explorer window and select This PC from the sidebar
  2. Select Map Network Drive from the ribbon at the top of the window
  3. Select Map Network Drive from the options
  4. Select a drive letter from the dropdown list. Letters already assigned drives will show as in use
  5. Type out the folder location of the network folder
  6. Select Reconnect at sign-in if you would like the drive to be mapped automatically when you start your computer. 
    1. If you are accessing the location from a non-westernu computer, select Connect using different credentials, then click Finish
    2. Enter your WesternU email address and current password
    3. Select Remember my credentials if you would like to sign-in automatically when you start your computer
    4. Select OK
  7. Select Finish

Step-by-step (Photos)

Additional Info

  • If you are attempting to access a WesternU network location from off-campus. You will need to be logged in and connected via GlobalProtect
  • If you expirience any issues adding a network location, please contact TechSupport at or (909) 469-5432.



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