How to Post Recordings to a Shared Folder in My Mediasite


For faculty and staff users utilizing Mediasite Desktop Recorder- how to post presentations into a shared folder so that they might be moved to the correct area for user access.


*This is step 2 in a pre-recorded curricular workflow.

*This resource is for faculty/staff that have access to a departmental shared folder. Presentations are then normally relocated out of the shared folder by staff to the correct area for viewing.

  1. In order to post a presentation for others to view in a secure environment, you must first confirm that you have access to a department-specific shared folder (commonly named “Your College Name Here Faculty Recordings”).


In order to check access, log into your My Mediasite portal (, and click on “Shared Folders” to see if a folder is listed. If you do not have access, please contact your staff or designated college Mediasite scheduler.

  1. Click the home icon to return back to your My Presentations page to find the presentation you’d like to post OR search for the presentation using the search icon, and click on the name of the title

  1. Your desginated college Mediasite Scheduler(s) has permissions to be able to move any recordings to the appropriate area for student/faculty/public access. However, your recording must first be placed in a shared folder for them to access.

You accomplish this via 2 methods: “Copy to” OR “Move To”

  • Copy To- Allows you to keep your original recording in your personal account while also providing a copy for staff to access (longer wait time for copy to be created)
  • Move To- Moves the recording out of your personal account into a shared folder for staff to access (instantaneous)

    1. The “Copy To” option will take you to a window in which you will select the shared folder you’d like the copy to be placed in. Click in the area for “Select a Folder”

  1. Click the search icon and type in the name of the shared folder you have access to. Click on the name of the folder.

  1. Click “Start Copying”.  Depending on the length of the recording, the copy may take up to 10 minutes to be created. You will receive an email in your WesternU account letting you know when the copy has been initiated and when the copy has completed. You can also confirm your submission by clicking again on the “Copy To” function. It will list your pending copies.
    1. Select "Place this Presentation in a Shared folder" and this will expand the window. Click on the search icon and search for your shared folder by name. Select the shared folder and click "Move Presentation".

  1. At the bottom right hand corner of the window, you will receive a confirmation message

  1. To check whether your staff member will be able to view your recording, click on “Shared Folders” and click on the specific shared folder. If your presentation is visible to you there, it will be visible to them. They can then place it in the appropriate area for access.




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