How to Access/Change Mediasite Channel Display Defaults


*This is a resource for staff who have Mediasite Scheduler access

Example of a Channel View

  1. In the management portal, toward the bottom of the left-hand toolbar, select the area for "Publishing". Then select the area for "Channels".

  1. Once in the Channels area, you can click the dropdown for "Sort" or utilize the magnifying glass icon on the very right-hand side to search for a specific by specific key words to locate the channel you would like to access. Click on the name of the channel to select.

  1. Once selected, you will receive a pop-up window for the channels details. If you would like to edit the details and/or settings, select the "Edit" subtab.

  1. Once in the editing area, feel free to customize settings to your preference. Press the blue "Save" button in the top right-hand corner to save any changes.

*Important common setting information included below.

A common settings change you might want to enable if you would like to display subfolders within your channel is to allow viewers to see the folder navigation.

  1. To complete this from the editing area, select the subtab for "App Options" toward the bottom of the pop-up window

  1. In the App Options settings, select the last box for "Show Folder Navigation". Click the blue "Save" button in the top right-hand corner to save your settings. Now your viewers will be able to see all the subfolders below your parent folder within the channel.




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