CHS-NW Classroom/Skills Lab - A/V Training


Instructions on using the Touch Panel an A/V in the CHS-NW Classrooms and Skills Lab


CHS-NW A/V Training

In all classrooms/skills labs, touch panels can be found attached to the wall, as well as docked on the cabinet which can be removed and used remotely. These panels control the A/V functions of the rooms. When the rooms are combined, each touch panel will control the entire room. If they are separated each panel will control only that side. If you use the panel remotely please be sure to return it to the correct side to both charge and be in the correct location for the next use.

Using the Panels

Turn on the room

To turn on the rooms, tap Begin.

Once on, the next screen will have a few sections to allow control of specific functions:


The Displays tab will allow you to select what is being shown on the screens:

The Left and Right selections refer to the dual TV's set up around the room. If you would like to control the projector screens separately, select Proj. Full Screen in the top-right
AirMedia will turn the screens to AirMedia mode where you can connect remotely using the on-screen address.
Laptop will use the HDMI port located on the wall port under the projector screens.
Camera will display whichever camera is selected in the Camera tab.


The Volume tab will allow you to tune the microphone and output volume into the room, as well as mute any of the inputs. Tapping Mic Levels will allow you to fine-tune volumes and muting for individual microphones. Tapping Default Levels on this screen will unmute all microphones and return their volumes to the middle. When the room is combined, all microphones will appear in this list. Please be sure to return microphones to their correct cabinet.


The Camera tab will allow you to select an active camera (For Zoom/Teams/Etc.) as well as change it's position. Tapping and holding a preset will save the current position into that preset. Each camera can have 3 presets. 

Shutting Down

Turning of the room can be done by tapping the Power Off button on the bottom-left, then tapping Yes, Shutdown. The room will shut down, the projectors will turn off, and the screens will roll back up. 

Further Assistance

If you require further assistance, please contact TechSupport at x5432 or
If your event/lecture is at a later time, please include the time, date, and location of the event and assistance can be scheduled.



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