Re-Enter Password for Email on iOS Devices


Instructions on re-entering your password for iOS devices.



How do I re-enter my password after the 21-day expiration date?

Every 21 days, Microsoft requires that you re-enter your password if your account is added to the Mail app on iOS devices. This normally occurs with an pop-up message stating that you must re-enter your password for your account. Unfortunately with MFA, this pop-up will not regain you access to your account. Below are the steps to re-enter your password correctly.


  1. Enter the Settings app
  2. Swipe down and select Accounts and Passwords
  3. Find and tap on your WesternU account
  4. Tap Re-enter Password
  5. Sign in with your WesternU Email Address and Current Password
  6. Check the box Don't ask again for 21 days. If using the Microsoft Authenticator App continue to the next step. If using a different MFA method, enter the text code or answer the call and continue with Step 9
  7. When the notiication arrives for Authenticator, Long-Press the notification to get the Approve option
  8. Tap Approve. Allow the app to finish the sign-in process
  9. When prompted, tap Continue

You will be brought back to the account page. If the message Re-Enter Password no longer appears, then you have succesfully signed in to your account! All your emails should begin syncing and working again within the next 5 minutes. 



Need Further Assistance?

If you require further assistance with re-entering your password, please contact TechSupport using the below information:

Hours: Monday - Friday: 7:30am-5:30pm,  Weekends & Holidays: Closed
Phone: (909) 469-5432




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