Accessing the Epic Backup Site (Business Continuity Access)


General Information:

What is it?

  • Epic BCA is available as part of our Business Continuity agreement with our Epic provider, OCHIN

  • Epic BCA can produce schedule reports for the individual centers in the event of a system outage, or extended system downtime.

Where is it?

  • The Epic BCA is available via web browser, and can only be accessed while connected to the WesternU network.

Steps For Accessing Epic BCA:

1. Navigate to the Epic BCA site located here (

2. Log in using your standard Epic login (5-6-digit ID number) and password

3. Once logged in, select your department at the top by typing in the name

4. Select the relevant report and click the "Print" option

5. Select the printer you would like the report to print to and click "print."

  • Saving as a PDF is also an option if you would like to store the report in a HIPAA compliant location (i.e. S: drive) for multiple individuals to view as-needed.

Additional Information:

1. When should I use Epic BCA?

  • This environment is only used for extended outages, and should be limited in how many people are accessing it. 

  • Additional indivdiuals attempting to access the site at the same time will cause slowness, so we recommend individuals select core members to go in and download or print off the schedules for viewing outside of the website.

2. What if we need to view patient information?

There are currently three methods for reviewing patient information without access to the primary Epic system:

1. The Epic Shadow environment is a read-only copy of the Epic Production system, and if available, can be used to review patient history as-needed.

  • One caveat with the Shadow environment is it is typically accessed through the same channels as the Epic Production system, therefore issues related to connecting to the portal and/or Epic system may also impact access to the Shadow environment.

2.  Providers (specifically) are able to access Epic data through the two mobile applications: Haiku (phone) and Canto (tablet).

  • Both applications access the production environment through alternative methods, and are often times unaffected by connectivity issues, allowing providers the ability to review the patient chart without access to the desktop version of Epic.

3. The Epic Remote Access Site is also available during certain outages, especially those pertaining to internet/connectivity issues on the WesternU side.

  • This is a live version of the Epic Production environment, and can be made available for providers/off-site personnel as-needed.

  • There are a limited number of individuals we can have registered for remote access, and as such it should only be made available for those needing to provide off-site patient care, or those in leadership/coordinator positions.

More information regarding all three methods of access can be found in their specific knowledge base articles (linked above)


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