How to Access Epic (from WesternU)

General Information:

What is it?

Epic is the primary EHR system currently in use at WesternU Health.

The following centers currently utilize Epic:

  • WesternU Eye Care Institute 
  • WesternU Foot and Ankle Center
  • WesternU Medical Center 
  • WesternU Pharmacy 
  • WesternU Specialty Care

There are multiple Epic environments which serve specific purposes:

  • Production (PRD):

  • Epic Production is the primary environment.  It is the live system that individuals would work out of on a daily basis in the respective centers.

  • Support (SUP):

  • Epic Support is utilized for troubleshooting issues currently occurring in the PRD environment.
    • Epic PRD copies down in its entirety to Epic SUP weekly.  All information within the production environment is then available for further investigation in SUP without the risk of modifying, deleting, and/or triggering automated processes (i.e. sending an Rx, placing an order, etc...)

  • Epic Support can also be used as a method for training individuals, as it copies down our production environment weekly and includes all custom departmental traits (i.e. Optometry exam template) for users to "test" or "play" with. 

  • The SUP environment is 1:1 with Production and should be used when individuals need to test a workflow, refresh themselves on locations or navigating through the system, as well as a place for technicians to confirm issues and attempt resolutions.

  • Epic Support is available to anyone with an active Epic Production account, as the account information copies down along with the system data each week.
    • This also means changes made in PRD (i.e. password change) will update automatically in SUP during the next copy-down phase.

  • Release (REL):

  • The Release environment is used for testing new enhancements and/or feature implementations.
    • Most often times the REL environment will be utilized by Clinical and IT Support to test and confirm new features being implemented are not adversely affecting the centers.

    • REL can also be used to test implementations for SOW requests (i.e. building and testing an interface between Epic and another system).

Where is it?

  • When accessing Epic, you must be connected to the WesternU network (on campus, VPN, etc...)

  • The system (and it's various environments) can be accessed from anywhere on campus via the following portal site:

How to access Epic:

Open a web browser and go to

  • Please note that the portal site can only be accessed while connected to the WesternU network (on campus, VPN, etc...).

Select the icon for the environment you're attempting to log into:

After selecting the environment, a file with the extension .ica should download in your browser.  Double-click to open it and initiate the Citrix session that will connect you to Epic:

  • You may see the below message when first attempting to launch Epic:

  • There is no need to enter an email or server address here to log into Epic; the Workspace app just needs to be installed.
    • Simply click the box next to "Do not show this window automatically at logon," then click Close.
  • Note: If the Citrix session does not launch after you double-click on the .ica file, or you receive an error message stating “unable to open .ica file” or "This file does not have an app associated with it," you probably don't have Citrix Workspace installed.

When presented with the login screen, enter your 5-6-digit unique Epic ID and password:

  • Note: Always confirm the environment you are logging into is correct! This information can be found at the top of the login screen as well as the top banner once you have logged in.


If logging in for the first time, you will be prompted to change your password:

  • "Old password" in this context is read as "current." 
    • If you are receiving your login information from Epic Support, you would type your current temporary password in the "Old password" field, and then type your preferred password twice.
  • The minimum complexity requirements for your Epic password are as follows:
    • Eight characters
    • One letter (uppercase or lowercase)
    • One number
    • One special character (!@#$%^&*)

Once in the system, confirm you are in the correct environment and begin using the system:

Common Issues/Questions:

  • I changed my password in Production, but it's not working in Support:
    • Support copies down the Production environment weekly.  If you've changed your password in Production in the last week, it may not have updated yet in the Support environment
    • The Production-Support relationship is one-way.  No changes in SUP will ever affect Production, and anything in SUP will be overwritten by the next Production copy-down.
  • I can't log into REL:
    • Your REL account is separate from your Epic production account.  If you need to access REL for a specific reason (i.e. feature/enhancement testing) contact the EHR admins and your account can be configured for use.
  • I don't remember my old password and it won't let me type in a new password until I do:
    • "Old password" in this context is read as "current." 
    • If you are receiving your login information from Epic Support, you would type your current temporary password in the "Old password" field, and then type your preferred password twice.
  • It says my password cannot be used:
    • The system will store the last five passwords used and will not allow you to reuse any one of those five until they drop off the list.
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