Printing Labels Out of Epic


General Information:

What is it?

  • Epic allows for individuals to print off labels direct from the system for various tasks

  • The following label types are currently available and configured for use:

    • Lab Labels
      • The labels are configured for lab orders and include relevant patient/order # information.

    • Address Labels
      • The labels are configured for outgoing letters and include patient name and full address.

Where is it?

  • Labels can be printed from the system by navigating to the Appointment Desk in Epic, and selecting "Printing" then "Print Label"


  • Each label printer in Epic is assigned a unique name by the system (more information below)

Steps for Printing a Label in Epic

Navigate to the Appointment Desk in Epic, and select "Printing" then "Print Label"

Select the label type you would like to print and click "Accept"



When printing a Lab Label, select the encounter you'd like to print a label for:



Select the printer you would like the labels to be sent to and click "Accept"

Please see below for a list of currently installed label printers, as well as their name in Epic:

WU Printer Name:
Epic Printer Name: SA69P106 SA69P105 SA69P015 SA69P025
Physical Location: PCC Room 2202
PCC 2nd Floor Reception 
Oliver Station Lab Room 
PCC Room 2262
Primary Use: Lab, Address Labels Lab, Address Labels Lab Labels Address Labels
User Group: Pomona MAs Pomona Front Office Oliver Station MAs Pomona Referral Coordinators

You can lookup the printer by using the search feature in the top right corner.  If the printer does not display initially, try selecting 'Show More' to extend the search list. 

Once found, you can also click the star icon to save that printer to your frequently used list.


Once all fields have been entered, select 'Print' at the top.



Additional Information:

  • The Label printers are only configured for use as outlined above
    • Make sure the proper Label Format is selected when trying to print out labels
  • All label printing is done through Epic
    • There should be no need to install the printer locally on your workstation
  • In the event of issues related to printing labels, contact Technical Support or submit an incident report via
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