How to run the monthly eCAS report


  • How do I run the monthly eCAS report?


  1. Access the eCAS website: http://ecas/VeraSMART/MySMART/Home/Reports/Default.aspx?_state=EditUserReport_0735373%7cChangePassword_0842285
  2. Login if you are not already.  You must have permission to access eCAS.
  3. From the Call Accounting Tab, click on Reports for the drop-down menu options
    1. Click on the Chargeback option
    2. Click on the Call Summary by Organization option
      1. Name the report: eCAS [enter month] 16 - [enter month] 15, [enter year]; ex. eCAS Nov 16 - Dec 15, 2019
      2. Select the dates that correlate with the terms you are running the report for.  They should always be the 16th of the prior month to the 15th of the month you are running the report in.
      3. Select FOAPALS
        1. Click on the magnifying glass (Select FOAP)
        2. Check the Select All box
        3. Uncheck the boxes for unassigned, 1306, 1418, 4304, 5302, and 5505
        4. Click the Select button
      4. Click the Run button
      5. You will need to save a copy of the report as a PDF and an Excel file
        1. The excel copy only needs to have the following columns: FOAP Name, Department Name, and Total Cost with the total sum tallied at the bottom of the column (AutoSum)
        2. When saving both documents, save them as the name they were given when the report was ran in eCAS but include the total cost
        3. Create a new folder in the Service Provider file titled by the months and year covered; ex. 2020 November - December

Additional Information

  • Please reference the eCAS and Base Charge Reports KB Article for the next steps after the eCAS report has been saved.


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