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General Information:

What is it?

  • Epic Remote Access is the method for accessing the various Epic environments when not connected to the WesternU network. 

  • It requires an additional account be setup, and is used primarily for on-call or offsite patient care services.

  • Users can request their Epic Remote Access account be setup here.

Where is it?

  • The Epic Remote environment is available via the Remote Access site, which is available to select individuals who may need to access patient information from off-site without the use of VPN.

Steps For Accessing Epic Remote:


Before you attempt to open the Epic icon, you must have Citrix Workspace installed on your computer.

You can download the application at one of the links below:

  • If you try to launch Epic without installing Citrix Workspace first, you will receive an error message stating “unable to open .ica file”. If you have any other issues, you can contact us at epicsupport@westernu.edu or techsupport@westernu.edu
  • Note: The version of Citrix Workspace available for download from the Microsoft Store does not properly launch Epic.  You'll need to install Workspace directly from the Citrix website using one of the above links.

Once your remote account has been setup you should receive an email from OCHIN (webtools@ochin.org). This will be an encrypted email that will contain an attachment that you will need to open the attachment (message.html).

From the message, choose “Use a one-time passcode”. This will send you another email to your westernu.edu email account.

You will receive another email from “Microsoft Office 365 Message Encryption” with your onetime passcode to open the message. 

Use this passcode and enter in the message.html file you have already have open. Then Click on Continue. Your username and temporary password will be contained in the message.

Open a new browser window (preferably Microsoft Edge or Chrome) and go to site http://remote.ochin.info

Login to the remote site with the temnporary password provided in the email (after unlocking using the one-time passcode).

You'll then see a message saying "Password Expired. Please enter a new password."  Note that this is a normal part of the password reset process.  Think of a new password and enter it here.

You'll see a second message asking "Please confirm password."  Enter the same password you just typed in on the previous screen.

You will now see the icons in the Remote Access Portal. Click on the first Epic icon to launch.

If you see the below window pop up after clicking the Epic icon, you do not need to enter your email address.  Simply check the box that says "Do not show this window automatically at logon" and click Close.  You should no longer see the window after that.

After you launch Epic, you will be prompted to enter the clinic’s Time Zone. Always select Pacific Time or else you will have trouble entering encounter information.

Additional Information:

  • Your remote login password follows the same 90 day rule as the Epic environment. 
    • All passwords will need to be changed 90 days from creation.
  • Passwords can be manually reset by submitting a service request
    • Access to WesternU email will be required to receive your temporary login infromation
  • A PDF version of this guide has been attached to this article. 
    • Feel free to download and save a copy to your device(s) for future reference
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