Voicemail Account Setup (Legacy System)


  • How do I setup my new voicemail Account?


1. Dial extension 5399

2. Change the default security code (14253) to a code of your choice.

3. Record your name.

4. Record a personal greeting.

Changing Your Security Code, Recording Your Name & Greeting:

  • Have your new security code and greeting ready prior to dialing into the pilot access number (writing your greeting down is suggested).
  • Once you have your new security code and greeting written down, dial extension 5399 from your pho
  • You’ll be prompted to enter your security code (password). Enter 14253 (In this step do not press the pound key), next you’ll hear the following announcement:As a new user you must first setup your mailbox, setup takes only a few minutes and involves changing your security code, recording your name and recording a personal greeting, first you must enter a new security code, your security code can be any length from 4 to 15 digits, try to avoid using simple combinations such as your mailbox number or 1234, enter a new security code followed by the # sign key or press the star key to quit. For confirmation enter your new security code again, followed by the pound sign key. Your security code has been changed, this security code must be used to access your mailbox in the future.
  • The next step is to record your name now you need to record your name to identify your mailbox. When recording your name do not include and introduction, such as hello this John Smith, because the system already provides an introduction. There is no name currently recorded for mailbox number ####, to start recording press 2, to stop recording press 2 again, for help press the # sign key (Record Name) To save this name press 5, to review this name press 6, to discard this name and re-record it press 4, for help press the # key
  • In the last step of your initial setup you’ll record your personal greeting. Keep in mind, this greeting will playback for all calls.Now you need to record a personal greeting for your mailbox, this greeting will be played when a caller is giving the opportunity to leave you a message. Nothing is currently recorded, to start recording press 2, to stop recording press 2 again, for help press the # sign key. To continue recording press 2, to save this message press 5, to review this message press 6, for help press the # sign key.
  • Your recorded greeting will apply to external and internal calls
  • When a new message is left on your voicemail box, two lights will be lit red. The envelope button and the red light indicator in the upper right hand side on your phone. To listen to your messsages, press the envelope button and follow the automated assistant prompts. Please note that you can also access and review voicemails outside the office by dialing the voicemail access number 909-469-5399 or by going to the voicemail URL https://wuvoicemail.westernu.edu.
  • If you are unable to access your voicemail account due to several invalid attempts after it’s been setup, please click on this link http://wuvoicemail.westernu.edu/securityrequest.php to request a security code reset, before calling TechSupport.
  • If you have any questions please contact Technical Support at (909) 469-5432 or send an e-mail to techsupport@westernu.edu.

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