Editing Pages in WordPress


  • How do I edit my pages in WordPress?


Logging In and Accessing Your Site

  1. To log in, please go to: https://stagewp.westernu.edu/wp-admin/my-sites.php and log in using your WesternU credentials.

  2. This will take you to your dashboard where your site(s) are listed. Select your site by clicking the Dashboard link below the site’s name.

Accessing Your Pages

  1. You have successfully logged in and navigated to your site’s dashboard.

  2. From here you can access your pages in several ways. You can scroll down to the Pages Tree section on your Dashboard, you can select Pages and then Tree View from the left menu to see just your pages listed, or you can select Pages or All Pages from the left menu to see your pages listed in the default WordPress list.

    (NOTE: Using the Tree View list has the advantage of showing your pages in a layout that mirrors their organization within your site. All these ways of accessing your pages are fine. Please select the method that you prefer.)

Editing Pages

  1. For this tutorial we will use the Tree View list. Select the page you want to edit by placing your cursor over the page name and selecting Edit.

    (NOTE: From the standard WordPress Pages list, the menu is a little different but the process is essentially the same.)

  2. The editor you will be using is similar to a normal document editor with a few additional features that are specific to webpages. If you hover your cursor over the individual tools, you will see a brief description of what function each one serves. Simply place your cursor where you need to make an edit and proceed just like you would with a normal document editor (such as Word).

  3. This next step is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: After making edits to a page, please be sure to select Preview Changes (to the right of the edit window) to check your work before clicking the Update button to save your edits.

    (NOTE: Preview Changes will open up a new window (or tab) showing you a preview copy of your edited page. Please review your page carefully and if everything looks correct then go back to the tab where your editor is and click Update to save your edits. All updates are pushed from the staging server to the live server each evening.)

Logging Out

  1. Please be sure to Log Out when you are done with your edits. To Log Out hover your cursor over the “Howdy” message in the upper right and select Log Out from the dropdown menu.



  • It is a good practice to check your pages on the live server (www.westernu.edu) the next day to make sure everything looks correct. You may need to refresh your browser to get the newest updates to show. To do this, hold the Ctrl key and press the F5 key.


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